A Detailed History of Digital Printing


digital-printDigital printing is actually fairly young when compared to the history of printing in generally. Printing itself can be dated as early as 1439, which is long before there was a digital anything.

The original printing press was created by a hungry German businessman who went by the name of Johannes Gutenberg.

The idea was to create a machine that could mass-produce the bible and get a book in everyone’s hands.

Obviously, the printing press was a huge success and eventually led to the digital printing market, which didn’t arrive on the scene until the 1990′s, some 551 years after the original invention of the printing press. (more…)

4 Key Benefits of Using a Professional Digital Printing Service


digital-print-for-businessDo you own a small business? Are you considering digitizing all of your information?

You should consider hiring the services of a professional digital printing company. They’ll help you digitize all of the required information and then create high-quality, full-color copies where required.

They can also be used to create paperwork, brochures, and business cards for your company.

If you aren’t convinced yet, then here are a few key benefits of working with a professional digital printing service. (more…)

What I Look For Before Recommending A Digital Print Company


Digital printing is one of the foundations of modern advertising and packaging.

The printed word, although it is quickly becoming less popular in print media and books due to the advent of LED screens and mobile devices, is still going strong in packaging.

Even though large billboards are quickly being replaced by large LED displays and books and magazines are increasingly being consumed in a digital format such as e-books and websites, printing will still always be used in formats that you cannot consume digitally.

This means that food packaging, clothing, and accessories such as lanyards and bag tags will always benefit from digital printing.

digital printingDigital printing makes use of a digital image that is transferred onto a surface using various printing methods.

When choosing a digital printing company, you should keep the following things in mind.


You should always look for versatility in your digital printing companies, especially if you have a variety of items that require digital printing.

It will be much more affordable for you if you pick a company that offers a large variety of services so that you can have everything made in one place.

If you need t-shirts, packaging, or even lanyards made, you should choose a printer who can do all of this for you.


Everyone should become more eco-friendly and aware of the environmental impact of our industries. This extends to the packaging we use and even to the ink that is used by digital printing machines.

Pick a company that cares about the environment and chooses eco-friendly inks.

They should be non-toxic and biodegradable, so that they do not pollute our oceans and ground water. Our water supplies are the ones that suffer most when it comes to inks that pollute.

Good Customer Service

This is of course, a given when dealing with companies. Good customer service is imperative in service based industries.

Since the final design of your product is based on their interpretation of your graphic artist’s design, they should be highly capable of catering to your needs.

Good customer service is characterized by their ability to read you and to deliver your needs. Excellent customer service is when they go beyond that.

For example, if you wanted a specific number of lanyards, they may give you a few free samples in addition to your order.

digital-printCompetitive Prices

Even though there are a lot of printing companies that offer cheaper alternatives, the quality is often what determines how good your product will turn out.

Do not pick the most affordable printing company, rather pick the one with the most competitive prices for the quality of their work.

You do not want a product that looks cheap.

You want high quality works that look more expensive than what you have paid for it.

Just choose the printing company that is the best for the jobs you need done.

Make the most ethical, intelligent choice available to you and your organisation.

Are Business Cards Dead in 2014?


PB-business card imageYou may not know it, but that little credit card sized slip of paper (or card) in your wallet can make a world of difference in your life and in your subsequent success.

In this world where networking is so important and completely necessary if you want to get anywhere, business cards are one of the best tools you can possibly have in order to promote yourself.

It also helps to promote your services, or your business if you have one.

So don’t underestimate the power of a nicely printed, well designed business cards!

There is no actual ‘standard’ for the sizing of business cards, but the most common, globally adopted size is 8.89 cm wide by 5.08 cm high (but remember when designing that there is a need for bleed areas—more on this in another post—so your final design will end up slightly bigger).

This is the kind of size that something like an accredited coach training service like PB Coaching who I met at a function yesterday, would carry and hand out.

This is also what just about anyone will hand out.

But of course, there are now more unconventional ways of doing business cards.

PB-business card image 4Some will flip their business cards, so that it is 5.08cm wide and 8.89cm high.

This will change the design and make you stand out almost immediately.

There are also people who do square business cards, 5.08 cm by 5.08 cm.

This is unique but not recommended—business cards of these size often get lost because they are so small.

If you do make them this small, at the very least make them stand out enough that they will become difficult to miss.

These days there are many unconventional sizes and shapes for business cards.

These days they can come with rounded corners, die cut edges, with shapes cut out of them and so on. Most of these cards, however, still follow the 8.89 cm by 5.08 cm size.

Business cards no longer have to use just card stock or paper.

Some people have begun to think out of the box, using materials that would not commonly be thought of like PVC, transparency film, and so on.

PB-business card image 3A stand out business card can keep you top of mind, which is why there are so many clever and ingenious designs these days.

Business cards can still be printed the old way. With old-school printing presses, foiling, embossing, engraving and so on.

But these days, the embellishment techniques can now be combined with digital printing.

Digitally printed cards also offer much more options. They can be laminated matte, or even glossy.

They can be full color, or in gray-scale. They can take up the whole space in order for a design to be printed borderless.

Remember that business cards serve the purpose of keeping you and your services/business top of mind.

They are no longer just to give your contact details to someone anymore; after all with cell phones so readily available business cards aren’t as widely used as before.

Consider them as marketing material.


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